Donations To Our Church
Would you like to help St. Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Church in its work?  We currently are asking for donations for the following:

1.  Building Fund - In 2011 we completed construction of St. Andrew Ukrainian Cultural Center,  which includes a renovated banquet facility, remodeled and expanded commercial kitchen, loading dock for caterers, expanded office space and classrooms for our youth.  We currently have a large mortgage on this cneter and are in need of your donations.
2. The Iconography Project - Currently underway is the capital project of completing the iconography inside our cathedral.  This is a large project which we would like to complete by the end of 2020 for our 50th Anniversary.  You may sponsor a specific icon or icons and or give to the general iconography fund.
2.  General Church Fund - For regular upkeep and maintenance of our beautiful church and grounds.

3.  Vicariate of The Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Kyivan Patriarchate in The USA and Canada - To support the growth and administrative costs of our administartion of the parishes which are under the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

4.  Saturday Ukrainian School and Svitanok Ukrainian Dance Academy - To help offset costs of instructors, learning materials, costumes etc.

5.  Ukrainian Charities - To help in our charity work in Baturyn, Ukraine, The Buy-a-bed program for orphans in Ukraine, support of other Ukrainian Orthodox charities.

Please make checks payable to:   St. Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Church

                                             Donations can be mailed to :      300 E. Army Trail Road
                                                   Bloomingdale, IL 60108